A Senior Thesis Exhibition 


Outdoors was a work in progress from the end of fall semester till the end, I had ideas working in my end until the day I had to actually execute something.  Talking with the Studio Director at Amoca (American Museum of Ceramic Art) I figured out what I wanted to do.  I wanted to do something different, something that had not been done in that gallery setting before, since I had started going to APU anyway.  I wanted to do a show that made the viewer’s think about what was going on in the gallery, I wanted the viewer to be able to think on their own without me telling what to think or where I was trying to go with my art, just the title of the show and the art is what I wanted to be seen.


I wanted to do it this way because it seems like every art show you go to the viewer has to be told what is going on, what the artist was thinking when he made a certain piece, why couldn’t it just be a conversation between the viewer and the art, why does something always need to be explained.  Graffiti artists are not seen next to their art on the street, no the art is the only visible thing.  So why can’t a gallery setting be treated in the same manner, not everyone gets what graffiti art is about, so I don’t expect everyone who sees my show to get it or to not be confused about it.


What sparked this idea in my head is one day I sitting in the studio at Amoca and watching the artist’s that rent a space or that come and just make art.  They all seemed to use the same forms for everything not changing anything, but maybe a style or technique that was used to make the object.  I knew from that point I could use this I idea for my show, but I wanted to use things that people could recognize, something that was already programmed in their heads, so if they saw it they would automatically know what it was they were viewing.


When school started I began to discuss what I wanted to do with Tom Dunn the ceramics instructor.  The only thing that I hadn’t thought about at this point was how it was all going to be displayed, when I was thinking about how I wanted to present my work.  My mind kept making the gallery smaller than it actually was, not until November when my show was supposed to go up I didn’t find myself inside the gallery mapping out where I was going to put everything, how I wanted traffic to move in and out of the gallery.  Two days before my opening I did not realize what I wanted to exhibit my art on because I was not sure if I wanted to put my art on white pedestals, It wasn’t until a conversation I had with the Studio Director at Amoca who gave me the idea to use sand, from there it snow balled into dirt and partially burying my art with it.