Car Disassembled

Working with my hands, whether it’s construction, art making, or car restoration has always been something I loved to occupy my time with.  The feeling I get watching a project come together is an experience I love the most out of creating something.  This project has been exciting to do because I am putting together the two things that I love doing the most, hot rodding and ceramics. Specifically, I am using my first car a 1965 Plymouth Valiant, so everything in this piece is special for me. I am still using my method of building, in which I mash chunks of clay into each other, to make my car although I am not into creating highly detailed objects. In doing this you get these textured, gritty, pieces.  I love showing myself in my work, giving every overlap, fold, and joint, letting the viewer see how my sculptures were made.  With every push and pull of the clay, showing the force needed to get the clay to do what I want it to do.

Because I am working mostly from memory to construct the parts for this car and the way I build I am taking the precision out of a highly precise object. I have built this vehicle in parts separate of each other, meaning they will not fit back together, but will ultimately work as one giant piece to represent the Valiant that I started driving with.